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Hospital – Instrument Cleaning and Maintenance


LUBISPRAY is a friction buster for all surgical instruments.

Light Liquid Paraffin (Medicinal grade)
Excellent Lubrication – Freely operating instruments
Prevents fretting corrosion
Steam and ETO Sterilizable
Neutral pH
Non toxic
Non reactive
Eco- friendly (CFC free)
Water miscible
No gas, Only Spray

Oil based impact on effectiveness on sterilization process:
Lubricants are used in health care to lubricate the moving parts of dental, medical, or surgical instruments. Clean instruments may be immersed in a water-soluble lubricant solution, a process referred to as “milking.”

When a sterile processing department unintentionally washed surgical instruments in hydraulic fluid instead of detergent, we investigated that the oil-based fluid doesn’t alter the effectiveness of the sterilization process because high numbers of clinically relevant bacteria and standard test spores were completely inactivated.

Some recommendations state that silicone based formula should not be used or should only be used for specific applications by the device manufacturer.

(Infection Control And Hospital Epidemiology 2008)

Role of lubricants in instrument reprocessing
Lubispray specially formulated lubricants for use with surgical instruments are available today. Cleaning , especially ultrasonic cleaning removes all lubrication and may cause frozen box locks. An instrument lubricant eases stiffness and does not interfere with the sterilization process. It also prevents electrolysis on points and edges to help keep edges sharp. Instrument lubricants are compatible with carbon steel and thereby prolonging instrument life. These lubricants are often referred as instrument milk.

The characteristics and clinical benefits of instrument lubricants are outlined:

Hospital – Instrument Cleaning and Maintenance

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