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Our vision is to make Microgen Hygiene Pvt. Ltd, a one stop shop for all infection control related products and services worldwide in the hospital and healthcare domain.

The entire team of Microgen strives to achieve the goal of making us a company that can deliver innovative solutions for infection control and combat Hospital Acquired Infections in an eco-friendly way. Our main aim is to shield every individual against pathogens from the entry to the exit point of a healthcare facility.

We, at Microgen, have been following the policy of “Customer is CEO”. We understand that customers are the primary reason of our existence. We mould our products in such a way that they are user friendly in all aspects, be it quality or price, with an emphasis on safety- both human and environmental.

Bringing new definition to innovation is our imperative, working with sheer integrity is our strength and being accountable is in our culture.

Today, as we climb the ladder of success, our entire team continues to work diligently to bring better prosperity for human health. We welcome you to be a part of this journey towards excellence..!


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