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Disinfectant & Antiseptic

Disinfectant & Antiseptic

Disinfectants & Antiseptics are used extensively in hospitals and other health care settings for a variety of topical and hard-surface applications. In particular, they are an essential part of infection control practices and aid in the prevention of nosocomial infections.

A disinfectant is a chemical agent, which destroys or inhibits growth of pathogenic microorganisms in the non-sporing or vegetative state. Disinfectants do not necessarily kill all organisms but reduce them to a level, which does not harm health or the quality of perishable goods. Disinfectants are applied to inanimate objects and materials such as instruments and surfaces to control and prevent infection.

An antiseptic is a type of disinfectant, which destroys or inhibits growth of micro-organisms on living tissues without causing injurious effects when applied to surfaces of the body or to exposed tissues



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