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The only Incise Film, Clearer than Povidone Iodine
SoFilmPlus is a leading & top quality incise lm brand of Europe.
SoFilmPlus is a sterile transparent polyurethane adhesive coated surgical lm containing silver ions intended to be applied on the patient’s skin for covering and protecting during surgical interventions. SoFilmPlus grants a constant antibacterial and antimicrobial protection during the whole duration of the operation. It decreases the risk of infection and protects the working eld around operation site.

Mechanism of action :-

Silver has got very powerful antimicrobial properties, as only the presence of one part out of 100 millions of elemental silver in a solution is enough to get an effective antimicrobial action. It is well-known that
silver free ions or radicals are an active antimicrobial agent.

Silver ions destroy microorganisms immediately, by blocking the enzymatic respiratory system (that is the energy production), altering the microbial DNA and the cell wall, while not having any toxic effects on the human cells in vivo.

SoFilmPlus Advantage over Povidone-iodine Incise Film

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