Application 1: Hemodialysis patients are uniquely vulnerable to develop HAIs because of multiple factors including exposure to invasive devices, immunosuppression, and frequent contact with healthcare workers during procedures.
Efforts and actions are required to reduce the risk of infections by frequently disinfecting the dialyzer and dialysis machine. We at Microgen, provide non- toxic, biodegradable and safe products which minimize the risk of infections of hemodialysis patients, break the germ cycle and continue dialysis procedures smoothly.

Application 2: when producing raw milk of good bacteriological quality, cleanliness and disinfection of the udder and the milking equipment are the most important requirements, even more so than cooling the milk. Cleaning and disinfection are complementary processes; neither process alone will achieve the desired result, which is to leave the surface of milking utensils as free as possible from milk residues and bacteria. Microgen offers a range of products for every disinfection need of the animal husbandry industry.

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