Linteis Boost – 2.0

Liquid Alkaline Booster

Microgen Linteis Boost – 2.0 is an alkaline booster for
increasing alkalinity in the main wash, along with the
Linteis 200 S. it whitens and brightens the fabric. Linteis
Boost – 2.0 is a liquid alkali builder/ booster, based on
a mixture of alkalis and NTA (water hardness binder),
for use in medium to hard water(125-250 ppm).

Key Properties

Linteis Boost – 2.0 is a powerful alkali builder/booster,
which is based on a balanced blend of alkali, water
hardness sequestering agent and anti-greying
agents. The NTA based building system ensures low
water hardness ion concentration and consequently
prevents precipitation of detergent components. In
this way, this building system also functions as an anti
greying agent by preventing the formation and
deposition of water hardness salts onto fabric. Linteis
Boost – 2.0 is most commonly applied in conjunction
with a surfactant booster. These products combined
with bleach offer a powerful system, which may be
used for cleaning fabric from hospitals and other
health care establishments. When combined with the
main wash detergent, Linteis Boost – 2.0 enhances
the wash performance on heavily soiled goods by
increasing the pH of the wash solution.

Use Instructions

  • Dosing level is dependent on water hardness
    levels, nature and level of soil and type of fabric.
  • Dosage recommendation (ml/kg dry load) 5 – 8 ml
    / kg of dry Load

Features and Benefits

When Combined with a surfactant booster or main
wash detergent:

  • Improves soil removal, especially of food (protein)
    and fat stains e.g. restaurant and kitchen linen.
  • Prevents greying of linen by stabilization of soil
    particles in the wash liquor
  • Improves wash performance by affecting the soil-
    fiber interaction.

Technical Specification

Appearance / Color : Liquid / colorless
pH Value : 14 in 1% solution
Odour : Neutral
Pack Size: 25 ltr
*The above data is typical of normal production and should not be taken as a specification

Safe Handling and Storage Information

  • Do not inhale spray and use it carefully.
  • For prolonged skin contact, use gloves.
  • In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with plenty
    of water and seek medical advice.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Store
    in the original closed container, avoid direct sunlight.