Linteis FAB Soft – 4.0

Liquid Perfumed Fabric Softener

Microgen’s, Linteis FAB Soft – 4.0 Soft is a concentrated
perfumed fabric softener for softening cotton towels
and napkins. It imparts a pleasant fragrance to the
fabric. This product is suitable on most of the fabrics &
can be dosed manually & with a dosing system also.

Key Properties

Linteis FAB Soft – 4.0 Soft is a fabric conditioner based
on biodegradable cationic, quaternary ammonium
salts. In the wash solution, these positively charged
cationic, adsorb to the negatively charged surface
of fabrics. Once adsorbed onto fabric the cationic
has a lubricating effect. During the drying process,
this prevents the interlocking of individual fibres and the buildup
of static electricity (especially on synthetic fibers).
In addition, lubrication facilitates ironing/calendaring.
The product has also been formulated with perfume,
which leaves a pleasant smell on the fabric. Linteis FAB
Soft – 4.0 Soft can be used for most types of fabrics,
but is particularly effective on bulked or textured
fabrics such as towels. It also imparts a smooth, silky
feel on woven or flat knitted fabric

Features and Benefits

  • Good softening of many types of fabric (towels,
    sheets, wool, delicate articles etc)
  • Prevents build-up of static electricity on synthetic
  • Delivers a pleasant residual smell.
  • Is based on biodegradable raw materials Use
    instructions Dosing level is dependent on wash

The softener should be applied in the last rinse of a
washer extractor or in the last section of a continuous
batch washer.

Dosage Recommendation

5 – 8 ml/ kg dry load Please note that this product
should not be used on:
Articles made of micro-polyester fibers such as
cleanroom garments and water-repellent theatre
linen and cleaning microfiber cloths/wipes.

Technical Specification

Product State: Liquid
pH Value: 6.5 to 7.5
Odour: Pleasant order
Colour: Blue
Pack Size : 2 x 5 ltr
*The above data is typical of normal production and
should not be taken as a specification.

Safe Handling and Storage Information

  • Do not inhale spray and use it carefully.
  • For prolonged skin contact, use gloves.
  • In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with
    plenty of water and seek medical advice.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
  • Store in the original closed container, avoid direct