Cibus Clean HD K4

Heavy Duty Aluminum Safe degrease for Kitchen


CIBUS Clean HD – K4 is a concentrated liquid
degreaser for cleaning of heavily soiled surfaces
in the kitchen.

Key properties:

CIBUS Clean HD – K4 is an alkaline liquid detergent
suitable for manual cleaning of all heavily soiled
surfaces in the kitchen, like floors, equipment,
cooker hoods and cooker tops. It is an optimal
product for wetting of surfaces and effective
removal of all kinds of grease and dried-on food.
The formulation is balanced in such a way that the
product is safe for use on aluminium surfaces. CIBUS
Clean HD – K4 is especially suitable for cleaning of
floors either manually with a mop system or with
low-pressure spray equipment.

Features and Benefits:

  •  Powerful formulation cuts through heavy grease
    and leaves clean and shiny surfaces
  •  Dissolves soil and holds it in solution, preventing
  • Formulated to be safe for use on aluminium.
  • Suitable for use in foaming equipment

Use instructions:

Minimum recommended dosing of 10 ml of CIBUS
Clean HD – K4 per litre of hand-hot water,
dependent on the soil level and application.
Cleaning method – general: 10 ml in 1 ltr of water
Floor Cleaning (wet mopping): 10 ml in 1 ltr of water
Fryer cleaning: Weekly clean: 50 ml in 1 ltr of water

Periodic deep clean :
1. Drain oil and close valve
2. Fill with hot solution (50ml/L) of CIBUS Clean
HD – K4 to almost oil fill level
3. Turn on fryer and bring to a controlled boil for
15 minutes; scrub sides before draining
4. Scrub remaining residues from side walls and
heating elements with a scourer pad or brush
5. Rinse twice with clean, hot water and allow
to air dry.

Product specification:

Appearance : Clear yellow liquid
pH Value (neat) : 12.8
pH 1% solution : 11.0
Pack Size : 2 x 5 ltr