Microgen H5

Air Freshener / Room Freshener / Bathroom Freshener

Area to be cleaned:

Offices, Corridors, washrooms, effective against
strong odours from pets, tobacco, mold, mildew
and food.

How to Dilute:

Ready to use, No need to dilute further.

Product Specification:

Appearance: Clear Pink liquid
pH: Neutral
Pack Size: 5 Litre
Shelf Life: 2 Years

Usage of this Cleaning Agent:

  • The product can be applied easily during normal
    maintenance hours with minimum disruptions
    to the daily routine.
  • Apply by spraying product directly on the surface
    or by spraying on cloth.
  • Use on carpets, hard surfaces and as a room
  • Do not spray directly on the floor.
  • Spray upward into the centre of the room as


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct