Microgen H9

Acidic bathroom cleaner - concentrate

Area to be cleaned:

  • Daily bathroom cleaner for acid-resistant
    washable surfaces.
  • Ideal for hard water areas.
  • Use on intact chrome and stainless steel
  • Regular use hinders lime scale build-up.

How to Dilute:

For normal soiling:
50-100ml in 1 litre of water.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct

Usage of this Cleaning Agent:

  • Prevent scale dirt on wall fitting
  • Spray directly on the surface to be cleaned
  • Leave for 20 sec.
  • Scrub and drain plain water.
  • Wipe surface and polish all metal surfaces with
    a clean cloth
  • Replace cloth regularly.

Product specification:

Appearance: Violet
pH: 2.8
Pack Size: 5 Litre
Shelf Life: 2 Years