Linteis Guest – 5.1

Perfumed Liquid Detergent for Color and White

Microgen’s, Linteis Guest -5.1 is a perfumed fabric
liquid detergent for use in Hotels & Commercial
Laundries. It gives an excellent wash to Color as well
as white cloths. Linteis Guest -5.1 is the main wash
detergent, the product has been designed for
automatic and manual dosing and can be applied
in medium and hard water. Can be used in the low-temperature
wash system also.

Key Features

  • Linteis Guest -5.1 is a low alkaline, mild but
    effective product with a unique formulation.
  • Works best in low water hardness conditions.
  • The product also contains anti-greying agents which
    keeps soil particles in suspension.
  • The product has been formulated with a blend of
    surfactant ensuring good particulate and
    fatty/oily soil removal.
  • Linteis Guest -5.1 is mainly used as a single shot
    main wash detergent
  • Can be used for cleaning coloured fabric from
    health care sector, hospitality sector.
  • The unique formulation of Linteis Guest -5.1 is suitable
    for washing microfiber mops and cloths.
  • Excellent performance on a wide range of stains
    and type of soils.
  • Prevent greying of linen; stabilization of soil
    particles in the wash liquor.

Direction of Use

7 – 10 ml/kg of the dry load depending upon the type of
soil. Use majorly in the main wash along with the
Linteis 2.0 (Booster) for better effective cleaning.
Use as per the direction and the wash formula set by
the Microgen’s Technical Service Personnel.

Technical Specification

Product State: Thick Liquid
pH value : 10.8
Odour: Mildly perfumed
Colour: Blue
Pack Size: 5 ltrs
*The above data is typical of normal production and
should not be taken as a specification

Safe Handling and Storage Information

  • Do not inhale spray and use it carefully.
  • For prolonged skin contact, use gloves.
  • In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with
    plenty of water and seek medical advice.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
  • Store in the original closed container, avoid direct