Microfog Neo


MICROFOG NEO is an ULV Fogger used to disinfect the atmosphere by using D – 125 (With the help of powerful electric motor it breaks the supplied solution into very fine micron size thereby allowing the fog to reach each & every corner of an enclosed area).

Advantage of ULV Microfog Neo

ULV Microfog Neo generates high density fog droplets size in the range of microns, also provides maximum thrust, deeper penetration in every corner & crevices. Wide spread of aerosols ensures effective & uniform treatment of ULV D-125 being fogged, be it aerial fogging of surface treatment.

Light weight, portable & extremely user-friendly, MICROFOG ULV aerosol generator is highly versatile & an ideal equipment to dispense wide range of biocides, fungicides, deodorants & pesticides.

Microfog Neo provides excellent control on the fog density as it is capable of generating ultra fine droplets (5-15 microns) to large droplets (heavy fog) as per the application demands. A high air pressure produced by the motor helps to spray the fogging liquid through the nozzle dividing it into tiny particles.