Microsteril is recommended for hand and surgical disinfection. It is indicated to use – before touching a patient, before clean and aseptic procedures, after contact with bodily fluids, after touching a patient, and after touching a patient’s surroundings.

Synergy of Propanol and Mecetronium Ethyl-Sulphate

The Study Published in the Journal of Hospital Infection (2005),
surgical hand disinfection with propanol-based hand rub: Equivalence of shorter application times.
The aim of surgical hand disinfection is the reduction of resident and transient microorganisms on the surgeon’s hands with average perforation rates of surgical gloves of 18%, the immediate and sustained efficacy of hand disinfectants has become an important quality marker of the pre-operative treatment of hands.
A propanol based hand rub was the only formulation found to be significantly more effective compared with the reference disinfection; other preparations failed to meet the efficacy requirements in vivo. Based on this finding, the in vivo efficacy of surgical hand disinfection at shorter application times of 2, 1.5 and 1min, compared with 1-minute of other common preparations for surgical hand disinfection, was studied