Linteis Det White – 5.0

Liquid Detergent & Booster for White Fabric

An effective detergent booster should have
excellent fat removing properties. This involves the
dispersion of fat and oil, following its removal from the
fabric, thus preventing redeposition. The formulation
of Linteis Det White – 5.0 has been selected
specifically to meet these requirements. When used
in combination with a builder booster, excellent soil removal and wash good
whiteness can be ensured. Bleach should be used
when appropriate. Additionally, Linteis Det White – 5.0
contains a special optical brightener, which is active
at all temperatures. This brightener is not sensitive to
bleach and is very stable to yellowing by direct
Detailed application and dosage suggestions are
given in the wash process charts, which have been
developed for washing various types of fabric at
different soil levels. Linteis Det White – 5.0 is autodosed
through a unique automatic dosing system.
The wash process is customized by Microgen’s
Technical Service Personnel to get optimal results.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy dissolution and dispersion of fats and oils
  • Good removal of fatty stains Low foaming blend
    of surfactant.
  • No over foaming
  • Optimal use of Washer mechanical action Low
  • Easily dosed and dispersed
  • Rapid action

Direction of Use

15 – 20 ml/kg of the dry load depending upon the type of
soil. Use majorly in the main wash along with the
Linteis 2.0 (Booster) for better effective cleaning.
Use as per the direction and the wash formula set by
the Microgen’s Technical Service Personnel.

Safe Handling and Storage Information

  • Do not inhale spray and use it carefully.
  • For prolonged skin contact, use gloves.
  • In case of eye contact, rinse immediately with
    plenty of water and seek medical advice.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.
  • Store in the original closed container, avoid direct