Zymokleen LF

Multi-enzymatic surgical Instrument Cleaner that cleans soil and Biofilm

Composition and Action

Protease (Subtilisin) :
Breaks peptide bond between amino acids and also
breaks down proteinaceous matter, tissues, blood,
protein-rich body fluids.

Lipase :
Breaks down body lipids and fatty substances.

Amylase :
Breaks down carbohydrates, polysaccharides,
saliva and mucus.

Cellulase :
Breaks down cellulose, starchy matter, cell wall,
the cell membrane, faecal matter, medicinal powder
and liquids.
Corrosion Inhibitors

Cleaning efficacy in Washer-Disinfectors.

Zymokleen-LF is being used for cleaning surgical
instruments in Automatic Washer Disinfector (AWD)
of Getinge, CISA, Steris etc by CSSD department of
renowned hospitals. Zymokleen-LF exhibits very
good cleaning efficacy on blood, body fat, mucus
and various soils from surgical instruments.

The Best Way to Clean Instruments.

Zymokleen-LF has been formulated with an
an exceptional blend of four enzymes and cleaner
that penetrates into hard-to-reach places on
surgical instruments and scopes. Zymokleen-LF
loosens, disintegrates and dissolves soils. It effciently
cleans clogged channels, sticky biopsy forceps or
clouded lenses, leaving both scopes and
instruments free from any unpleasant odour,
bioburden and bioflms.