Microgen H Supra

Floor Cleaner

Area to be Cleaned:

MICROGEN H SUPRA is a scientifically blended,
liquid detergent for cleaning floors and oily /
greasy work areas. It contains mixed additives
and special ingredients to enhance cleaning

How to Dilute:

Normal Soiled Soiling: 20 ml. in 1 litre of water
Heavily Soiled Soiling: 50ml. in 1 litre of water
Patches and Spots: Use Microgen H SUPRA directly
Without dilution.


  • Apply with mop, scrub if necessary and rinse off.
  • Suitable for scrubbing with single disc machines
    and automatic scrubber-driers.

Safety Precautions:

The product is mildly alkaline, not requiring any
safety-wear in handling and use. However, for
sensitive skin, protective gloves are
recommended. In case of contact with eyes,
wash with plenty of water and seek medical

Usage of this Cleaning Agent:

MICROGEN H SUPRA can be effectively used to
clean floors in factories, workshops, hotels and
restaurants, public areas, office blocks, toilets etc.
It effectively removes oils, greases and dirt from
heavily soiled areas in service stations and

Product specification:

Appearance : Clear liquid
pH (1% solution) : 8.5-9.5
Pack Size : 5 Litre
Shelf Life : 2 Years

Product Specification:

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.