Microkleen IR

Microkleen IR is a quick, safe and efficient cleaning solution that cleans rust, pitting, stains and corrosion from surgical instruments only made stainless steel, hardened chrome steel or chrome – nickel steel. Used routinely or on a monthly basis in conjunction with our enzymatic cleaners. Microkleen IR will restore the instrument’s original finish and loosen box-locks and joints

What is corrosion and its impact?

Corrosion is the deterioration of a metal as a result of chemical reactions between it and the surrounding environment. Both type of metal and the environmental conditions, surgical instrument spotting, staining, and corrosion are serious problems in many healthcare facilities. Spotting, staining, and corrosion of surgical instruments can impair their function. For example, a hemostat may not open because of corrosion in the box area, scissors and scalpels could become dull, and instruments could break during surgery as a result of severe corrosion. Spotting, staining, and corrosion also interfere with sterilization. Spores can be protected from destruction by the layers of iron oxide (rust). Corrosion can result in a shortened instrument life, which results in increased cost. The temperature of the autoclave (250°-270°) will cause chemical reactions that can make the stain permanent and cause instrument corrosion. Remember, an autoclave does not clean; it will only sterilize.

Right way to use Microkleen IR:

Acid can dissolve the rust, however the acid will also oxidize the metal further forming more rust. Therefore when acid reacts with metals, it tends to dissolve both the rust and the metal, however use diluted acid to dissolve away the rust before dissolving the metal.