Microfog PRO


Ultra Fine Aerosole Generator For

Fumigation Air / Environment Sterility

Microfog-PRO fogger generates high-density fog droplets size in the range of microns, also provides maximum thrust, deeper penetration in every comer & crevices. Widespread aerosols ensure effective & uniform treatment of chemicals being fogged, be it aerial fumigation / fogging of surface treatment.

Engineered to meet most demanding & critical task of aerial fumigation/disinfection in sterile areas of hospitals, pharmaceuticals industry, biotech industries wide range of applications in food & beverages. poultry & hatcheries. Lightweight, portable & extremely user-friendly. Micro fog-PRO aerosol generators are highly versatile & ideal equipment to dispense a wide range of disinfectants, biocides, fungicides, deodorants & pesticides.

Provide excellent control on a droplet on size & is capable of generating ultra-fine droplets (5-15 microns) for fogging to larger droplets (heavy fog) as application demands.

Application Benefits of Fumigation with Microlog-PRO

Fast, highly effective, safe, non-toxic fumigation when used with disinfectants. Very convenient tool for air/environment sterility & infection control task

  • Sterile areas ready for use within 1-1/2 hr maximum.
  • No side effects, irritation compared to Formalin + KMNO4 fumigation.
  • Speed of the application gives great savings in time and permits the treatment to be made when convenient.
  • Allow a wide range of fumigation/disinfection of air & surfaces which are impossible with any of the traditional means such as Formalin fumigation.
  • Spraying with OT care machine or manual sprayer.

No flooding of disinfectant on the floor/surface. Compatible with a wide range of disinfectants.

Areas of Applications of Microfog- PRO

Food Processing, Dairy, Ice Cream, Canning Meats & Sea Food Processing, Fisheries, Packed Water, Beverages, Breweries, Cold Storage Industries – For treating space (aerosol fogging) & disinfection treatment of the accessible surface of machines, containers, storage tank internal surfaces of food processing.

Poultry Hatcheries, Animal Houses – Aerial fumigation /disinfection in incubators, eggs washing facilities. disinfection of equipment surfaces & anywhere microbial contamination is a concern. Greenhouses, Sericulture Crop, Seed & Sapling Farms,

Flouriculture Industries – For application of disinfectants, fungicides, biocides, pesticides and humidification. HVAC Ducts – For the application of disinfectant, smoke deodorizers and pyrethrum insecticides.