UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer Delivers "No Touch" Surface Disinfection

UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer Produces Ultraviolet Germicidal Radiation to Kill Microorganisms

  • UV-C Wavelength 200 nm – 280 nm
  • UV-C, which is produced naturally in sunlight, cannot penetrate the ozone layer
  • UVDI-360 produces the same UV-C radiation through its germicidal lamps
  • Widely used for air, water and surface disinfection for years

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    UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer

    Powerful 1.6 m Long Lamp Technology

    Designed with four 1.6 m maximum UV output lamps providing 360 degrees of UV radiation Lamps are encapsulated with a special UV-transparent polymer to contain glass in case of breakage

    Proven to

    • Deliver No Touch Surface Disinfection
    • Reduce Hospital Acquired Infections
    • Improve Patient Outcomes

    Aluminum Reflector Mast

    Designed for maximum UV-C energy distribution

    Remote Control

    Device has a range of 15 m through walls

    Touch Screen

    Easy and intuitive touch screen operating system

    Data Retention

    Saves usage data for every cycle performed by device

    Safe to Use

    Four infrared motion sensors prevent operation if movement is detected within the room


    Only weighs 40 kg – durable and easy to move


    184 cm High x 91 cm Wide

    Simple to Operate

    How it Works

    The UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer delivers a programmed dose of UV-C light to inactivate pathogens on hospital surfaces. After terminal cleaning is complete, prepare the room for UV disinfection. Depending on the room size, programming time may vary slightly.

    Follow the simple steps listed below to ensure a successful outcome:

    Ensure bed rails are up and linens are removed from the mattress

    Open all drawers and cabinet doors

    Place the following objects in clear line of sight of the UVDI-360 Room Sanitizer:

    • TV Remote
    • Keyboard and Monitor
    • Bedside Table
    • Call Button Device
    • Phone
    • Other High-touch Items

    Protective Case

    2-in-1 Lamp Protective Case and Warning Signs

    When closed, the case serves as a lamp protective case and when opened, the two halves of the case can be used separately as two independent warning signs.

    Tomorrow's Technology, Today!

    Smart Data Web Portal

    The UVDI-360 System features an optional robust website that leverages data uploaded from your device.

    Provides analytical and diagnostic tools that help you determine where, when, and how all your UV devices are working

    Examples of reports available:

    • Total Device Usage
    • Actual vs. Expected Rooms Treated
    • Cycle Time per Room Trend
    • Cycle Time per Room – Aggregate
    • Cycle Interruptions
    • Lamp Life

    Why is Environmental Disinfection Important?

    1.7 million HAIs occur per year in acute-care hospitals, resulting in $35 – $45 billion in healthcare costs annually*

    Environmental Contamination Leads to HAIs – the growing body of evidence proves the hospital environment contributes to disease transmission**

    Less then 50% of hospital room surfaces are adequately cleaned and disinfected.

    200% – 300% Greater Risk of infection if prior room occupant was contaminated with an infectious pathogen.