For efficient, high level disinfection of surgical instruments, rigid and flexible endoscope, critical medical devices. Glutradex activated dialdehyde solution is a fast acting anti-microbial choice that keeps your schedule in check.

Technical Details:

Glutradex ensures efficient microbicidal activity by providing the concentration of 2.45% (as per the CDC Guidelines) which is a must to maintain an effective concentration of 2% (as the concentration of activated Glutraldehyde solution decreases over a period of time and reaches below the minimum effective concentration of 2%)

Reuse Life:


Glutaraldehyde 2% sol 14 days
Glutaraldehyde 2.45% sol 28 days
Pack size: 5 litre with activator

Steps of Surgical Instrument Reprocessing

Glutaraldehyde as a high level disinfectant as per CDC guideline

The ideal chemical high-level disinfectant/sterilant should have a broad antimicrobial spectrum and prolonged reuse and shelf life, act rapidly, be non-corrosive and not harm the scope and its parts, be odourless and non-staining, and be capable of being monitored for concentration and effectiveness, as per CDC guidelines, glutaraldehyde meets the criteria as a high-level disinfectant


Excellent biocidal activity in 15-45mins
Does not degrade endoscopes
Non-corrosive to metals, rubbers and plastics
Effectiveness is supported by numerous studies